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Ferry Cserèp: "In the majority of countries regulations are always too late - technology pushes boundaries, enforcing development."

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The debate about smart grid/metering in Poland has been going on for years now. The lack of transparent and complete legislative policy in that area, makes any potential investors in “smart” industry weary and overly cautious. Polish energy market has an immense potential for “smart” technologies and solutions, unfortunately, the Energy Law in Poland hasn’t still removed a number of obstacles in reference to the implementation of certain fundamental elements of “smart” infrastructure, specifically regarding “smart metering” technology - these were some of the conclusions derived from the discussions during 6th edition of Smart Communications and Technology Forum, held in Warsaw on 16th of June, 2016. During the Forum, amongst other topics, experts have analysed the commercial aspects of “smart” solutions implementation and the role of government incentive. According to dr Tomasza Kowalak: „The long-term calculations seem to justify investments in the AMI infrastructure, regardless of the legal ramifications, and regulatory incentives. This is one of those investments that ensures return. Regulator could only provide certain overall support of the process...”. Tomasz Piasecki from ENERGA Operator SA commented that: „In 2009-2010 Energa developed a study to analyse technological and commercial profitability of AMI systems, and the conclusion was clear – the investment is sound and even without any additional support from government related agencies will guarantee a handsome return. Though additional support would certainly be stimulating and welcomed.” Ferry Cserep, CEO of NETINIUM added that: „In the majority of countries regulations are always too late – technology pushes boundaries, enforcing development”. Exactly for that reason, the Regulatory Administration in the Netherlands has temporarily limited and minimized a number of crucial regulations to create a friendly environment for companies to test and pilot new technologies, and verify their effectiveness. More